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Re: ENT Caption Contest #86: Worst. Slumber Party. Ever.

Thanks for the win! Happy new year to everyone, and grats on all the winners too. Some great ones this time around!

Reed: Our science officer is so hot. I'd do anything to see that hot Vulcan body.
Mayweather: No way! She's our superior, we could get in so much trouble!
Phlox: Infantile minds. Watch and learn. (raises voice) Oh subcommander! I need to see you in the decon chamber for your medical evaulation!

The fanboys quickly lost interest in Hoshi when they found out about her girlstache.

T'Pol: Captain?
Archer: (startled) What? It's not what you think! It's not erotic fanfiction about us!

Mayweather: If I don't get a line, I'll just flirt with the camera until they give me one.

Trip: It's a good thing I brought my library card with us.
T'Pol: Why?
Trip: Because I am totally checking -you- out!
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