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Re: ENT Caption Contest #86: Worst. Slumber Party. Ever.

Thanks for the tag-team win! Gazelles everywhere are a-skeered.

Archer, Off-screen - Anyone who can roll their tongue gets to be a Lieutenant. And they get a line in this episode.

In my magic mirror, I see Travis, and Liz, and Michael. And a campy, over the top Empress with excessive makeup and a taste for B & D who looks a lot like me.

T'Pol - Must you read your porn collection now?
Archer - It helps me sleep better. We haven't invented neuropressure yet.
T'Pol - Okay, but must you moan and do the gestures?
Archer - These gestures?
Vulcan eyeroll.

Travis - I learned how to roll my tongue. I'm gonna be a Lieutenant! And I'll get lines.
Hoshi - Security! Who the hell is this guy?

Archer, Offscreen - You're not doing the tongue roll right! No lines for you!
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