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Re: Books read in 2012

I had quite a busy, not so nice year in 2012, so I read very little books. Just 20. Horrible.

But, my favs were indeed the Hunger Games trilogy, I was captivated from the first page.. and that when I was so hesitant to try them. I usually don't care much for YA books, but these were amazing.

Now, let me check my Goodreads site for which books I read hee hee, hardly remember now.
Darkover Landfall, Marion Zimmer Bradley. I love series that start sci fi and then turn into a sort of fantasy, so this series is just my cup of tea.

Peter V. Brett - The Painted Man, LOVED this, original, though a bit grim (but that's never stopped me), and in a way also post-apocalyptic. Like, far far future where people dont remember us anymore.

Philip Pullman's The Golden Compass, loved that book years back when the Subtle Knife wasn't out yet and I had to wait for it. Somehow never got around to reading that second one, but well.. if you hate the film, you'll love the book? Nah, not that strong but I didn't care for the film.
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