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Re: The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Grading & Discussion (Spoilers

Gil T.Azell wrote: View Post
I saw it Sunday night in 3D Ultra/AVX, totally impressed it was visually stunning.
Cant wait for the next two.
the price of the Pop Corn and Pop sucked $10 plus with the discount for being a scene member.

the man of Steel trailer looked good.
not to sure about the Tom Cruise Oblivion trailer.

Ah i forgot! The best part of the Hobbit was the Star Trek ID trailer playing before it!!

I still can't get over these 3D movie crybabies, it seems as if the process looks better every time I see a 3D movie. Just shut up already, its here to stay. One technology that I wasnt as thrilled with was DBOX...which basically felt like someone kicking the seat everytime there was an action sequence.

HFR is cool also, I saw a reviewer give the movie low marks, mainly for the use of HFR, such people should be brought out onto the main street of town and flogged for stupidity.
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