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Re: Season 4: Just how much of it can be called Fanwank?

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Season 4 was too much too late, and it became the TOS-tie-in show rather than the show's original premise. It felt like a gimmick, and that's why so many people consider it "fanwank" rather than "continuity." Other episodes, like Daedalus, even blatantly ignored ENT continuity and illustrate that the show basically became TNG-lite, just like VOY did.
SOme might say (parts) that season 4 was the closest to it's premise,
Yeah season 4 was definitely closer to the premise then the others IMO, you had the groundwork for the the Federation and the seeds of the Romulan war. I never really had a problem with all the continuity porn except for Archer strolling around with Surak's katra which was OTT. As for season 5 continuing the trend one idea i've heard was a possibility was having the origin of the Borg Queen be an Enterprise crew member which takes "Fanwank" to an entirely different level.
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