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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

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Tatooine is fun to explore and it was my favourite planet in KotOR too. It's that sense that you're exploring the inside of a Ralph McQuarrie painting that I found very enjoyable.

Speaking of KotOR, I just did the flashpoint that deals with what happened to Revan and...I can't believe they did *that*. What a let down!
Which one? The Foundry or Maelstrom? They're different.

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Plus, I think part of it is the sheer contrast between the wide-open beautiful (if harsh) space and the claustrophic, badly-lit, neon Nar Shaddaa that you've just left.
Make sure you take the balloon ride.
The Foundry. I can only assume Maelstrom is the Republic equivalent since none of my republic characters have levelled up that far yet.

As for the balloon, I did notice it and guessed it's purpose, but had no idea where it stops or gets close enough for you to jump on and wasn't about to spend an hour blindly following it around in order to find out.
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