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Re: Anyone familiar with the BBC version of Sherlock Holmes? (spoiler it. Idris Elba impressed in The Wire. That's an easy choice. Well, I watched the end of Jekyll.

Love it that Sherlock is making so many "best of" television lists for 2012 since it aired on PBS's Masterpiece. It deserves it. I'm now leaning towards John punching Sherlock in the face when the latter finally reveals his living status. As in why didn't you at least reveal it to me that you're alive once the shooters backed off if not to the public at large? John's put up with a great deal and emotions are a funny thing. You're afraid your child is lying dead in a ditch if she's out all night and then threaten to kill her when you find out she didn't think to call--that sort of reaction. I wonder how mad he'll be and if it will sustain into episode 2. It might be interesting if it did.

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