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^Definitely shades of Zyuranger.

Christopher wrote: View Post
I don't like the jagged "teeth" across the chest, I don't like the helmets, I don't like anything about them. I particularly dislike the dinosaur heads printed on the upper left of the "sawtooth" area. It makes them look like they're wearing kids' pajamas.
They didn't design it for people like us in mind. Their primary audiences will is always Japanese school age kids and their parents.

Takeru wrote: View Post
That's why Gokaiger worked, they brought back countless characters but at its core the series was about the Gokaiger themselves, it was their story, they learned and grew, the old characters just helped them out along the way.
Gokaiger didn't work. Its obsession with bringing in past guest characters who were pretty much interchangeable worked to the detriment of the main characters with the main villains remaining obsolete and pathetic to end and the development of many of the heroes being rushed including Silver who never even got an arc.

Then again it probably was never a good idea to cash in on the anniversary with a series that was intended as a One Piece clone rather than an anniversary show.

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