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Re: VOY Caption this 96; A Random Collection!!!

Computer, did I ask for complete authenticity in this recreation?

Bleerrrp-brripp! Affirmative.

Well that explains the syphilitic tramp, but not the Vulcan streaker.

Well the Captain could have just said she didn't want to try a Talaxian Skidmark. She didn't have to send me on a diplomatic mission to Vidiian space.

Is this a Vulcan mind meld?

I'm not plugging holes in a dyke.

Not without buying me dinner first.

Doctor, aren't you just using criticism of my hair style as a pretense for probing my space?

No thanks, I've heard rumors about probes getting lost in your gas nebula.

Got anything to make my boobs firm up?
Just get on with it Mister Paris.

Where do 8472's go to the bathroom in fluidic space?

Tuvok: I have asked you to stop talking.

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