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Parles vous Francois? Sprache de Deutche?

As you can see I am not any good at either.

I have been speaking Greek and English (and BASIC and C) for as long as I can remember and I've decided that it might be jolly fun to expand the repartoire and pick up a couple of new languages. French and German .. as an English speaker I'm halfway there already.

Has anyone here ever learned a new language before? As a 'mature ager' I mean. How did you find the experience? What is a good way - or a not so good way - of going about it? I am thinking of using podcasts, at least until I find some native speakers to spar with. Not really able to afford proper lessons at this point.

I seem to recall reading that we have a polyglot on this forum somewhere, but I can't remember who it was ....
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