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Looking for critiques of my writing

Well, I have to slightly modify the schpiel I was going to write since it's no longer 2012, but here goes.

I was quite involved in the Trek fan fic scene from 2006-2008. Unfortunately, things happened (mostly four years at a university) and I stopped working. Well, other things happened (I graduated) and mid-last year I started working again. It's been a slow process because I've mostly been working on finding my feet after several years of stagnation, so I only have a few pages of the new first episode of my series written.

I know I'm not as good as most fic writers at this point, but I know I can be. It's just a question of how. Obviously I can't tell myself how to make myself a better writer, so that's why I'm posting this here (among other sites) to get the critiques from other writers.

A note before you read any further: though what I've written so far doesn't involve divergences yet, my series takes place in a parallel universe from standard Trek. Think of my continuity as a sine wave where y=0 is Prime Trek. There are times where my continuity matches up and times where it doesn't. I feel that this gives me flexibility to work with a canon that has issues with continuity and also gives me the freedom to completely disregard anything and everything associated with that abomination of a film created by JJ Abrams. More on that rant later.

Anyway, on to the real reason why I'm posting this - episode one (WIP) of Star Trek: Remington.

Oh, and thanks to the lovely people over at the Star Trek Photomanipulation Archive, I've started re-casting the cast for their photomanipulations. First up is Timothy Hutton as Captain Richard Boswell.

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