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Re: AMC's The Killing renewed for season 3

AMC cares about one thing... money. They don't care about their shows at all. The Killing is probably really cheap now, most of the old cast isn't needed. AMC doesn't give a rat's ass about it's shows, they just want money.

Breaking Bad almost went to another network for a final season just because AMC wanted 6-8 episodes only to save money. Walking Dead is HUGE and gets budget cuts left and right. Mad Men gets decent ratings and more acclaim than most shows and AMC almost didn't renew it after it's forth season because they were too cheap.

AMC doesn't care about shows, or fans, or anything other than making as much possible. With Netflix pitching in some money for the rights AMC released they can make money off of the show.

Also the article is from December 1st.

This article is from the 15th / 21st...

As of this writing The Killing is still not officially resurrected for a third season despite any reports to the contrary that you may have read. But the production team had been mobilizing in preparation for an official pick-up from AMC. The one-word question that news generally elicited was: why?

The theory I saw posited by many that made the most sense to me was that even though AMC had picked up Hell On Wheels for a third season, when the muckity mucks on the production team quit, the show's future was in limbo. AMC needed something to fill that void in case things didn't move forward with Hell On Wheels, and that was The Killing.

But with a new showrunner on board, Hell On Wheels is no longer in limbo. It's pick-up of 10 episodes is officially official. What does that mean for The Killing? Is there a 'The Killing: Now More Canceled Than Ever!" post coming in the future? If the theory outlined above was behind the talks of its revival, one might speculate the news about Hell On Wheels isn't good news for The Killing.

If a third season of The Killing is not to be, that news will certainly get out. But don't be surprised if there's no official statement from AMC. While in a somewhat rare move AMC did officially make a statement about cancelling The Killing, it hasn't officially commented on its revival yet.
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