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Re: Star Trek Federation: The First 150 Years

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I don't expect this book and the novelverse to be compatible, and I don't see a need to try to fit them together. They're from different publishers and they each do their own thing, just as the novels and comics do. Trek fiction has always offered a variety of alternative takes on material beyond the canon, and I've always thought that was part of its charm. I'm currently writing my own version of the first years of the UFP, and it should be interesting to see how Mr. Goodman's version differs.
Some things discussed in this book that supposedly take place around the timeframe of your next novel, Christopher:
-The Enterprise NX-01 return to Earth seen in “These Are The Voyages” and the speech Archer makes in that episode are on 2161 Jan 18, at the beginning of the second convention for the Coalition of Planets Charter, called for after the Romulan War.
-Federation Charter, which was signed and Federation established on 2161 Oct 11, was made at this second convention to make a Coalitions of Planets Charter.
-Earth Ambassador to the convention that made the Federation Charter was Thomas Vanderbilt. He’s credited with coming up with the name “United Federation of Planets”. He also became the first President of the Federation, not Nathan Samuels, the current President of United Earth.
-Admiral Douglas, who had been the head of Earth’s Starfleet during the Romulan War, did not become head of the new Federation Starfleet, but instead started Starfleet Academy, which was founded on 2161 Dec 13.
-Daedalus starships were warp-7 ships that were made by Starfleet after the founding of the Federation (not earlier during the Romulan War).
-USS Daedalus was commanded by Malcolm Reed.
-USS Horizon captained by Vince Waldron.
-Archer retires from Starfleet as an Admiral in 2169, then becomes Ambassador to Andoria by 2174. Then becoming a representative on the Federation Council in 2175. Then Federation President in 2185.
-Prime Directive adopted in 2178, based a lot on Archer’s work.
Most of those contradict various aspects of continuity established in the novels, particularly the ENT Relaunch.

Just a few off the top of my head:
  • ENT: Last Full Measure established that the Federation Charter was signed at the Candlestick Auditorium in San Francisco on 12 August 2161, not 11 October
  • ENT: The Romulan War established that the Coalition of Planets had virtually collapsed prior to the founding of the Federation, which replaced it
  • Nathan Samuels was Prime Minister of United Earth, not President; he was a signatory of the Federation Charter along with United Earth President Lydia Littlejohn
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