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Re: What episodes of TNG should I watch before First Contact?

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You can literally substitute any generic villain for those two in Generations and it wouldn't effect the film in any way. You wouldn't even have to change any of their lines.
Soran struck Tomalak across the face, sending the Romulan reeling.

He looked back up, touching his mouth where green blood was beginning to flow. Tomalak met Soran's eyes and saw the anger in them. "I hope, for your sake," the Romulan said, "that you are initiating a mating ritual..."

Maybe not ALL of the lines can stay unchanged...
Haha, touche. Oddly enough that would make the movie more interesting though.

Thinking on it the only other scene I can think of that their lines would indicate they are Klingon females is their complaining about how ugly Crusher is.
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