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Re: Star Trek Federation: The First 150 Years

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That always bugged me. Humans are always shown to be special.
Markonian - I think my decision to make the book Earth centric came from two sources - the original series and Star Trek: Enterprise. In the original series it was clear that Roddenberry was emphasizing Earth - everybody on the bridge save Spock was from Earth, first season there was the reference to the "United Earth Space Probe Agency" - the Romulan War was specifically described in Balance of Terror as the Earth-Romulan conflict. All the ships of Starfleet we encountered in the original series are named after Earth warships. Even though once we reach the next generation era, it seemed to me canon that the early years of the development of the Federation were Earth centric. Whether you like Star Trek: Enterprise or not, that trend continued (influenced somewhat by me) that these other Aliens all knew each other but it wasn't until Earth was involved that they came together.
I always had the idea that Earth and Humans were able to bring so many different races together (that were once enemies) and become pretty-much the center of the Federation because humans (in the Star Trek universe) are so much more cosmopolitan than other races. Other races are so mono-cultured. But humanity has tons of different races and ethnicities, who all went from world war to working together in less than 100 years (somehow) in the Star Trek universe. THAT is the special skill that the humans bring to the Federation.
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