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Re: Giving Enterprise another chance

Why is Enterprise so obsessed with titillating the audience?

I mean, every Star Trek series has its share of sex appeal for sex appeal's sake, but Enterprise takes it into the next dimension. Trip can't sleep so Phlox asks T'Pol to give him Vulcan treatments. The first thing she does to get Trip to agree to it is take off her shirt (Not wearing a bra) and ask him to rub her, to which she reacts in a pleasurable way. At the end of the meeting she says "Are you implying I'm making sexual advances?"

Then they meet this slave woman who wants to get biological scans of them. She achives this by making blatant sexual overtures toward every member of the crew, including the female ones.

I know they were pretty desperate for ratings by that time, but god damn. Seven of Nine had a skin tight suit but that didn't even come close.
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