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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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Oh and I don't think by today's standards Star Trek is even remotely "sexually super charged".
And yet I've run into fans who insist that sex has no place in "real" Star Trek--conveniently forgetting all the scantily-clad love interests and passionate clinches in TOS.

Which strikes me as a fine example of the way the naysayers tend to compare the reboot to some idealized, cerebral, utopian idea of STAR TREK rather than actual Original Series that aired in the sixties . . . which (gasp!) actually had imperfect characters and fist-fights and explosions and space monsters and romance. All that stuff we keep being told doesn't belong in the new movies 'cause Star Trek is strictly about science and exploration and progress, damnit!

Never mind that the old shows and movies got away with the very same things that are condemned as deal-breakers when the reboot does them.

A double standard, like I said.

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