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Re: The Doctor and Mao Zedong

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This is something that I've always wondered - before we "caught up" with the First Doctor - he was already pretty much well known in the universe and had this really full life, adventures that he had and people he met - and that was still his "first" form?
The show makes it clear on several occasions that the First Doctor we see really is the First Doctor. Since he has a granddaughter travelling with him it stands to reason that he's already lived a full life when we first meet him. Also, Susan says they've been travelling around in the TARDIS for a long time.
The age of the Doctor is a rather controversial point because the show isn't very consistent about it. If you believe the Third Doctor's claim that he's been a scientist for thousands of years (well, he stops himself after saying thousands) it would make the First Doctor even older.

Nick Ryder wrote: View Post
Plus considering that Mao's time wasn't THAT far before the 63 debut of Dr. Who... it's an interesting character flaw/trait the Doctor used to sympathize/admire/befriend tyrants...
Yes, I found it a bit weird for the Third Doctor to be kinda proud of it - in the same story where he chastises the UK for still having a nerve gas warhead, no less. On the other hand, it does kind of fit that incarnation's boisterous side.

The revolution of 1911 would be an interesting setting for a Doctor Who story so I was wondering whether there was a book or short story about the Doctor meeting Mao.
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