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Re: In (some of) your newspapers today. If it's Gary Mitchell...

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So long as it is not Khan I'll be happy.
Agreed. I don't necessarily hate the idea of revisiting the character of Khan, but I think it would have been a creatively bankrupt decision at this stage in Nu-Trek's life. I want exciting new adventures, not slightly-different-versions-of-the-same-ones.

That said, I'm not putting it past Abrams to sneak Khan in there somewhere anyway. He's already hinted he'd considered putting the Botany Bay in Trek 09 as an after-the-credits teaser, and I can certainly see him managing to run Khan's story in parallel with John Harrison somehow. A bit like how Chris Nolan handled Harvey Dent/Two Face (we all expected it to lead in to the second sequel, so we were surprised when he actually croaked at the end of TDK).
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