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Re: Information age to "Hybrid Age"

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^ Not really. There's a concept of technological utopianism, the idea that technology will solve all problems and conquer all barriers. Like all utopnianists, the basic premise is that the world can be made into a paradise just by systematically eliminating all of its varied problems.

Singularity theory is really just the cyperpunk wing of utopianism: the idea that cybernetics and/or AI are the means to eliminate all of those problems. It's no less imaginative than the belief that the discovery of alien life will unify mankind and transform our entire civilization, for example.
I don't think any kind of utopia is particularly imaginative.
Fantasy is often imaginative, even if it can never be real.
Not necessarily.

This Singularity nonsense and "Ancient Aliens" both fail imaginatively in a similar way. The believers in ancient astronauts understand so little about history and archaeology that they cannot imagine how "primitive" people could be as inventive and creative as they were. The Singularity evangelists see the world constantly and rapidly changing and they can't imagine this as an ongoing process over long periods of time into the future with no fixed end result, so they do what those filled with anxiety and doubt about the future have always done: they resort to apocalyptic thinking.

Kurzweil doesn't want to die. Guess what - very few people do. Denial takes many forms.
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