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Who cleans up everyone's quarters after each space battle?

With the amount of damage sustained in the space battles that take place in each series, I've always wondered who gets assigned the daunting task of fixing up everyone's quarters so that they look like they were untouched?

Maybe Kevin Riley or Yeoman Rand (since we never see her again on the show) picked up chess pieces in Spock's quaters on the original Enterprise? Maybe Sonya Gomez or Robin Lefler pick up Picard's books that were flung off the bookshelves? Barclay probably had to sweep up all of the tossed over litter box contents in Data's quarters after a Borg attack. Heck, I bet Joe Carey, who went missing for several seasons rearranged all of Neelix's pots and pans in the mess hall (after he finished building his shuttlecraft of the day, of course) when Voyager was hit by the anomaly of the week.
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