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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

Baghead ★★ Comedy/Horror
Jay and Mark Duplass film involving a group of friends who travel to a cabin to film a horror movie. It's really low budget, but it's an interesting film.
Carnage (2011) ★★★ Drama
It's a whole movie where idiots yell at each other over their sons getting in a fight. It's good and I think the ending is especially great. All the actors are top notch and Roman Polanski is the director.
Rock of Ages (2012) ★★★ Musical
It's silly, but it's fun. Julianne Hough looks especially gorgeous.
Sinister (2012) ★★★ Horror
A serviceable horror film. It's good, but not great. There are some genuinely terrifying moments mixed in with some unintentionally comic ones.

John Dies at the End (2012) ★★★★ Comedy/SF&F
Where has this film been all my life? Hilariously weird. I can't wait to check out the books.

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