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Re: Django Unchained--Tarintino's new project

davejames wrote: View Post
And despite what some critics say, I never got the sense Tarantino was trivializing the subject matter in the slightest. He may have had some fun with his characters, but the ugliness and awfulness and barbarity of the actual act of slavery still comes through loud and clear in this movie-- and probably stronger than I've ever seen it.
I agree. In fact I thought that Tarantino did a good job of showing just how bad it was in order to justify all the great killing Django "had" to do.

OdoWanKenobi wrote: View Post
^Tarantino always cameos in his movies. There would have been something lacking had he not. Also, I think there's meant to be humor in that scene. We're supposed to recognize him, and realize he's doing a ridiculous accent. Someone that doesn't know Tarantino wouldn't think twice about it, but a fan would recognize it and laugh.
Good point. And it was a funny scene.

Sam jackson's character was the classic Uncle Tom house negro. There is a character in "Boondocks" that is almost a perfect update on this guy. He was at times, sinister, hilarious, condescending, stupid, and ingenius (or at least smarter than ole massa) -- the only way a guy like that cauld have survived so long. My only quibble with him was that I thought that rather than angrily shouting invectives at Django after being shot, that character should have suddenly become Django's "brotha". He should have attempted to ingratiate and maybe save himself with the commonality of their both having been slaves and fighting the "white man", etc.

Kerry Washington was fine. She should have played Uhura, I tell you.

What about the scene where the dude grabbed Jamie Foxx's junk with his bare hand?
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