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Re: Project: Potemkin, a Star Trek Fan Film


First Season
S01-G Randy Landers and Rick Foxx are both at work on the VFX for the vignette, "Archway." This production stars Doug Harper, Richard Thornton, Hannah Ruiz and Jeff Green. Directed by Doug Harper.

S01-H Mark Brennan and Bob Reed continue to work on the VFX for the vignette, "Devil in the Details." This production stars Mario Pagan, Doug Harper, Eric R. Moore, Richard Thornton, and guest stars Cassie Martin and John Lenwell. Directed by Mario Pagan.

S01-2 R.H. Barr is now at work on the VFX for the full length 62min episode "The Night the Stars Fell from the Sky." This production stars Jeff Green, Christin Woods, Bill Mackenzie, Pamela Robinson and Richard Thornton, and guest stars Dennis Proulx, William C. Searcy, Sara Higgins Mackenzie. Also featured: Doug Harper, Eric R. Moore, Eric Holt, James Green. Directed by Jeffrey Green.

Second Season
S02-A Bill Walker is at work on the VFX for "Duty Bound." This vignette stars Jeffrey Green, Sara Higgins Mackenzie, Doug Harper, Hannah Ruiz, Chris Coleman, Richard Thornton, Kim Landers, and Jason Ryan Wallace. Directed by Bill Mackenzie.

S02-B VFX artist Chris Cameron is at work on the rough cut of "Darkness." This vignette stars Chris Coleman, Bill Mackenzie, Christin Woods, Sara Higgins Mackenzie, Stephanie Burke and Pamela Robinson. Directed by Randy Landers.

S02-C Rick Foxx has completed a rough cut of "Second Contact."*The VFX for this production will be completed by Kenneth Thomson. The vignette stars Doug Harper, Abby Evans, Jeffrey Green, Dakota Dodge, James Green, Tim Lloyd, and Robert Ladimer.

S02-D Randy Landers has completed a rough cut for "Ashes." This vignette features Jeffrey Green, Bill Mackenzie, Sara Higgins Mackenzie and Abby Evans. It was shot in downtown Americus, Georgia. Chris Cameron will be providing the VFX for this episode.

S02-E The vignette, "Beach Towel," has been edited by Rick Foxx. VFX by Rick Endres and Chris Cameron have been incorporated into the production which stars Sara Higgins Mackenzie, Keith Harris, Eric Holt, Jeremy Ellenberg, Bill Mackenzie and Pamela Robinson. Directed by Bill Mackenzie.

S02-F Sara Higgins Mackenzie directed "The Shovel of Kahless" which features Jeffrey Green, Jack Zumwalt, William Searcy, Eric Holt, Jeremy Ellenberg, Ashley Longacre, Bill Mackenzie, Renda Carr, Richard Thornton and Robert Ladimer. VFX for this vignette will be completed by Kenneth Thompson. Sara Mackenzie and Randall Landers will begin editing this production in the new year.

S02-G "Command Decision" is a vignette starring Jeffrey Green, Chris Coleman, Eric R. Moore, Kim Landers, Dakota Dodge, Bill Mackenzie, Abby Evans and Stephanie Burke, and featuring Ande Ross. Recently shot, it's now in the queue to be edited.

S02-H The production, "Just Once," is another vignette set aboard the bridge of the Potemkin, and stars Jeffrey Green, Eric R. Moore, Abby Evans, Ande Ross, Chris Coleman, Stephanie Burke, Dakota Dodge, Kim Landers and Bill Mackenzie. Special guest star: Ann Young. This one is also in the queue to be edited.

S02-I "The Lucky One," a vignette shot in our digital sickbay, is in the hands of editor Rick Foxx. This episode features Renda Carr as Dr. Maura Drake, Chief Medical Officer of the Potemkin. Editing is expected to begin in the new year.

S02-J "Red Sky at Night," a vignette to be shot in January (I hope!) will feature Jeffrey Green as Captain Grigory and William Searcy as an old friend of his from the Academy.

Third Season
S03-1 The Ft. Gaines' frontier village will be the location for the upcoming episode, "Two Worlds," written by Ray Coleman. This is a 20-30 minute episode.

S03-2 The episode "The Monsters Are With Us" by Charles Kelso Bramlett. This is a 20-30 minute episode. This episode will be shot at our brig, transporter and corridor sets at Fast Copy in Albany, Georgia.

S03-A The vignette, "Holding Area," by David Eversole, is schedule to be shot in 2013. This 10-minute vignette will star Christin Woods and Jeffrey Green. This production will be shot at a nearby vacation home.

S03-3 The episode, "Cassie," featuring Jeffrey Green is scheduled for the upcoming year as well. Delays with this 30-minute production are associated with its location; we want the right locale for this very significant production.

Other productions to be announced later!
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