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Re: Star Trek/Lost In Space: Any Difference?

There only appear to be like 30 of them.
Oh, come on, that's because the episode didn't have the budget to show more. It doesn't make any sense to assume that was literally representative of the entire population of the planet.
Makes the most sense to me. Some long abandoned alien experiment, fuel depot...whatever...or are there a 100 Vaals all over the planet? The other 99 don't seem to work. Vaal only needs feeding like once a day, and it doesn't require more than some 30 people therefore there wouldn't be more than 30 people as laid out in the episode (re: breeding)

More interesting to me are attacks on my supposedly 'cultural misanthropism'. The ad hominem 'You PD apologists' isn't worth addressing. And in the intrerst of not nitpicking i won't discuss in detail how the PD applies only to Starfleet and that they arn't "The Policemen of the Galaxy".

re: Anthropological contamination et al. I hang my hat with Joe Haldeman and 'Seasons'. That doesn't make Joe an expert, but he does have some credentials in the arena of Sci-Fi, and did a lot of research on that story.
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