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You guys are right, it's why I hadn't made a final version from the side yet, I can't get it too look as good (as I think it looks) from the side. So I tried to fix some of MY personal quibbles with the fore view and here it is:
Made it a bit more chunky and made more of the shapes line up, to make it look less "kitbashy".

Also as a minor side note, the nacelles DO slope. The reason I did this is because primarily my hand drawing rand downward an angle when I drew it, but also because the special effects shots from TOS show the Enterprise flying pitched downward, which I think looks kinda cool.
Well, to be frank, at first glance it looks like just another fanboy fantasy. To my eyes, it seems cluttered and you've stuck on all this stuff that really... it's just a bizarre mess.

BUT, hear me out...

I think buried under all that nerny fanboy stuff is a really lovely hull and wonderful little details.

The sloping nacelles - f*king simple yet BRILLIANT. I LOVE them!

And I love the idea of the bridge module pushed forward of the center line of the saucer.

And I liked that thing dangling down in front of the secondary hull - I just dialed it back about 8 or 9.

And I'm not just saying all that. As you can see, I liked your design fundamentals SO much, that I did my own version of it and have posted it here. Sure, my take on it isn't going to match the backstory you've written for it, but I don't concern myself much with backstories and where it fits in with canon and getting the correct registry number... I'm all about design. And I've really enjoyed working on my take on this design!

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