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Re: A three film comparison/face-off...

I voted for Star Trek over TDKR (which was great too) and Prometheus, but I'm totally surprised that it's winning so overwhelmingly on a Star Trek site. What are the odds?

Granted, I haven't actually seen ST09 yet (it's only been out four years and is still being randomly compared to 2012 movies after all, almost as if singling out ST09 for complaint was secretly the whole point of the thread or something), but the trailers looked fantastic, so I think that's enough to give my recommendation, especially over that dreadful Prometheus. That Star Trek teaser trailer with the JFK voiceover was way better than the supposed biologist trying to pet the vagina cobra in Prometheus.

Also, based on the strength of the two Star Trek Into Darkness trailers I've seen and the prologue, I am also going to have to rate that higher than Prometheus. Strangely, no one seemed to get lost on the alien planet despite not even having laser mapping robots and cyberpunk geologists.
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