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Re: Which actor is most bitter?

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Which actor do you think seems the most bitter about their association with Doctor Who?

There's Eccleston, who we've all discussed repeatedly.

Then there's Lala Ward. I'm thinking she may be. She can't even be in the same room with Tom Baker. In DVD commentaries, she is derisive and hateful towards Matt Waterhouse, and when she isn't hating people, she seems bored.
Well her and Tom Baker in the same room situation is pretty common when there's been a divorce.

Don't think Matthew Waterhouse was particularly well liked on set. Supposedly you can see Sarah Sutton and Janet Fielding trying not to burst out laughing when at the end of Earthshock but made that's from Waterhouse having to work with a big hang over).

Most of the other former stars seem to have enjoyed their time. But is there someone who hates it more than them?
It was mentioned in another thread about friction between T. Baker and Jon Pertwee but that was more personal than towards the role. (Louise Jameson had a few clashes with Baker until finally blowing up at him while doing Fang Rock)

Janet Fielding had been bitter towards the show for years claiming it was sexist though I guess she has mellowed a bit because they got her back for some of the Big Finish stories.
The hangover is a separate story - it was Castrovalva when Waterhouse did the last days outside filming with a terrible hangover.
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