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Re: NFL 2012 - Drive to Glory

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And hopefully that puts an end to the Lovie Smith era in Chicago.
I'm still not convinced that Lovie is the problem -- he's a hell of a coach and the team always plays hard. It's just hard to run any sort of an offense when your offensive line is nonexistent, and when there's barely any work done to bolster a rapidly aging defense, that hurts, too.
I'm sure Lovie's a good coach to play for but he left a ton to be desired as an NFL head coach. Not saying everyone needs to be Mike "Trou Dropping Nuclear Meltdown" Singletary but Lovie could have done a much better job of lighting the fire under his team's asses once in awhile instead of doing his best Iraqi Information Minister imitation and constantly claiming everything was alright with the team. His non-existent clock management skills and constant deer-in-headlights look while the season was crumbling around him were chronic problems that never improved.
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