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Need help urgently, please!

First of all, Happy New Year to you all!

I ended 2012 with ruining a Trek DVD that I had borrowed from my mother :/ I am trying to replace it with one that looks exactly as the one I ruined, so I need your help.

The DVD is IV from this 2003 R2 box set:

The disc is dark blue with a bright star in the middle. It says

Star Trek IV
The Voyage Home
Special Edition

UK2 109964 / 1986 / COLOUR / 114 MINS APPROX.
Widescreen / STEREO

So my question is: Is there any single-disc release that has the movie on a disc that looks exactly the same? If not, how easy/hard is it to buy from someone a disc from that particular box set, just one disc?

I'm sure you guys understand how miserable I feel and how important it is for me to find a way to fix this without the box set becoming ruined by a "wrong" disc.

Thank you already in advance!
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