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Re: Unique strengths of each series ?

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I disagree. A foe that is unstoppable, and can be dealt with only with the aid of a super powered being?

An outright stupid idea from a story telling point of view.
The Borg were neither unstoppable nor something that could be dealt with only through the aid of a super powered being.

We have seen the Borg as adversaries many times in TNG, FC, and Voyager. Only once were they aided by a super being (Q). He ended their encounter as abruptly as he had started it. But their later encounters demonstrated that our heroes were fully capable of devising original and innovative ways to deal with the Borg, from modifying their phasers to be effective to using the Borg's interdependency as a weakness to leveraging the effects of separating a Borg from the collective to even devising a "virus" to annihilate the collective (even if they ultimately decided not to use it).

If anything, the recurring complaint about the Borg has been that they were defeated too easily; that their original status as a "super villain" was quickly watered down. No, I see no evidence of the Borg being an unstoppable foe that prevented good drama as a result.
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