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Re: I object to the notion that Star Trek collapsed:

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It had one of the longest runs of any themed series ever, if you discount the fact that it had a very long holiday. What is the problem with that? It started with a groundbreaking set of shows in the 60s when I suspect a lot of board members were not even born and then there was a long hiatus until the 80s when the truly epic nature of Trek came into its own. The longitude of its various manifestations is only surpassed by the variety of the characters it generated. ST was never about space; it was a series of one hour dramas about humanity. The setting was just a bonus to make nerds and geeks feel happy about the magic that went on.

The music was always good but frankly if that what makes or breaks the shows for you, you don't get Trek.
Nice speech. It has nothing to do with nothing but it was nice.

Gotta love the internet: where people read the header, then just scan until they see something objectible and hammer home on it....ignoring everything else said.
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