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Re: Space Battleship Yamato 2199

I don't think there is any film rights dispute anymore. Voyager Entertainment was reportedly reabsorbed into its parent Japanese company a few months ago. There is still no word what that means for Star Blazers, but it is likely it is held by the Japanese that own Yamato. (You can still get Voyager Entertainment's old Star Blazers products, but who knows how long that will last).

The Japanese will be releasing BD versions of the old movies starting next year. No English subtitles. They have already released a BD box set for the first series of Yamato (no English subtitles).

Yamato 2199 is coming out about one chapter every three months on BD, but with English subtitles.

Filmation (I think that was their name) has the rights to Yamato Resurrection presently and will be releasing it in North America at some point (dubbed or subbed is unknown to me at this point).

The Live Action film is reportedly undubbed due to a contract with the star of the film not wanting his roll dubbed over (the film was basically made as a vehicle for him). It is unclear about the subbing route at present. I think there is an English sub already for the Australian market.

It is not clear if a company has the rights to make a "Star Blazers" movie anymore. There have always been tales of a Star Blazers live action script to be sold to Disney, but that's about as far as any of that has gone. I know people were talking about it. I know there was a script or several maybe. What I don't know is if anyone actually has the rights to even consider making such a film.

And though I do want to see the Yamato III version of Space Battleship Arizona in action, I don't particularly like the idea of using the sunken (broken and partly scrapped) USS Arizona as the American version's hero ship. Unless they renamed it "Argo" almost immediately. Though some people think it would be funny to see the Memorial used as the new bridge.
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