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Re: MLP:FiM S3E9 - "Spike At Your Service" Grading & Discussion

Gep Malakai wrote: View Post
The thing to keep in mind with Spike is that above all else, he needs to be needed, and if he feels rejected, he tends to overreact and/or spin out of control (see: "Owls Well That Ends Well," the Door of Fear scene from "Crystal Empire," and so forth). They bookended the episode with Spike first being dismissed by Twilight and then being accepted back by Twilight, so everything that happened in between, to my mind, occurred in the context of Spike acting abnormally. It's been brought up elsewhere that Spike has been in mortal anger many, many times before and never pulled this "noble dragon code" business, and I think both that and the clutziness work for the same reason: he felt useless and so latched onto the first thing he could find to be needed again which was Applejack saving him. I felt like his clumsy help was just him acting out of desperation and messing everything up as a result. Remember how his common sense just flew out the window in "Owls Well?" Same deal.

I don't know if that's the way it was intended, but that's how I took it. Absent context, I'd agree with the criticism, but as it stands, I really liked it.
Hm. That makes sense! Nice work, Gep!

Jolaris wrote: View Post
Personally, I was a bit surprised and really liked to see the Timberwolves turning into Devastator. No wonder the Everfree Forest is dangerous if there are Decepticons living there.
I know, right? Keep me the hell out of the Everfree forest!
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