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Re: 1:350 Scale Enterprise

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Nice work.

Are there any better diagrams on the web to assist with the light placement? I've just tried fitting the secondary hull together and the wires seriously get in the way of the connectors and the windows. Obviously there are placements that avoid this but I struggle to see how one can easily determine those without help.

I'm struggling to work out which lights should illuminate the arboretum and shuttle bay compared to general lighting and which flashing lights should be positioned where.

Gee- sorry- I missed this... There doesn't seem to be a whole lot. A couple of dudes have posted some magnicant stuff on a modelling site that I just can't recall...

I'm running a simple system using my old light and sound Enterprise kit. Most of the lights will be held in the base and run up through fibre-optics. The exception will be the deflector, nacelle grills, and impulse engine. I'll throw in a simple system there with rheostatics in the base to control glow intensity- one for each (deflector, nacelles, impulse). I can't afford expensive electronics, so I'm going old school.

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