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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

DS9 was, for the most part, a great successor to The Next Generation. The only problem was that non-fans couldn't give a shit about the post-occupation Bajor, Cardassians, Klingon political intrigue and such. The same stuff that gave most of us (fans) nerd-gasms the "normal folk" found pretty much unwatchable.

I suppose I meant I objected to the notion that (at the time you mention) a very-well written and done show needed an overhaul, not seeing you meant from a business standpoint.
The fact is, the general audiences never found any appeal in DS9. And instead of learning from that, CBS gave us TNG's ugly annoying younger sister (Voyager), followed by the "Faramir" of TV shows (TNG's geeky little brother ENT, which could have held its own with some encouragement, but sadly, no one ever saw it).
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