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Re: Why Not A Starfleet Ships Chaplain As A Main Character?

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- The old cliché of "Atheist Dogma" being invoked.
Either the user doesn't realise how preposterous it is, in which case a fundamentalist mindset is involved or the user does and it was a troll comment.
That's not very civil.
It was just as "civil" as one with an agenda making sweeping, insulting generalizations such as Longinus posting:

Now, you can believe what you want, but believing in prayer affecting the external world is exactly the same as believing that broken mirrors cause seven years of misfortune. It is superstition.
Funny how you missed that in your defense of any statement about atheist behavior.

But if you were not so woefully one-sided, you would picked up on another of Longinus' insulting, loose-minded posts:

...or even millennia after people stop believing that the mythological aspects of it are true. Think Greco-Roman mythology; we are still familiar with it and it is still referenced today. We understand what Mars and Venus (or Ares and Aphrodite) symbolise, even though this religion they belonged to has been dead for ages missed that too while playing armchair defender. Not only was the above quote revealing a glaring ignorance of historical record, but lowering said record to that of genuine myth only proves agenda leads his every thought--the very reason he tried to re-script a stated religious belief/practice even in the fictional Star Trek III.

Let's see if you will attempt to spin the quotes as being something other than part of his long list of hostile posts regarding religion.

This should be good.
Ok, first of all, if Longinus is indeed on trial here, he'll have to look elsewhere for a defender, as I am no trained barrister.

Now, as to the quotes:
Quote 1: Well, he wouldn't be a very good atheist if he believed in prayer...

Y'see, one of the corrolaries of disbelieving in an higher power is disbelieving in asking said higher power for intercession.
If you take "being an atheist (and voicing it)" to be an insult, I'm afraid the intolerance ball is in your camp.

Quote 2: What? I don't think anyone still believes* in the classical pantheon and indeed we can recognise them for what they used to symbolise.
I fail to see a nefarious agenda in stating both those facts.
Ok, the first one relies on an assumption, but it's a pretty safe one.

At any rate, I'm not parsing Longinus' posts looking to be offended by such or such statement (why would I?), so maybe I did miss some genuinely abhorrent claims.

*Complete aside: it's arguable that many Romans (at least in the highly educated circles) didn't believe in them either; that they thought of mythology as allegories rather than literal account of godly beings.
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