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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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Your assesment of DS9 is way off.
Only to the extent that he consigns its failure to carry the Franchise successfully forward to only its last seasons.

In fact, DS9 lost viewers consistently throughout its run beginning from the second episode aired. You can have your own opinions about its quality, but not your own facts about its success.
Is it possible that the very nature of syndication at the time of DS9 and what the post TNG shows had to compete with as opposed to TNG had an effect? I'm actually asking.

edit: I can certainly see why they would lose viewers immediatly though after the first few eps. DS9 is a 'dirty' looking show (as opposed to TNG)....and I've always hated those jumpsuits... Top that off with Bajoran mysticism, Bajoran politics etc...I suppose I meant I objected to the notion that (at the time you mention) a very-well written and done show needed an overhaul, not seeing you meant from a business standpoint.
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