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I object to the notion that Star Trek collapsed:

under the weight of its own continuity. It collapsed because of Berman-Braga fatigue, aided and abetted by

That stupid Enterprise theme song...

...The inability to understand that we want our heroes to kick ass, not *get* their asses kicked.

IMO, it's the lazy (and often mediocre) writer who sees continuity as an impediment rather than a rich field.*

*See the diff between Alan Moore's work in general and John Byrne's Doom Patrol.


I understand that Enterprise's theme song and other details may appear minor, but to me things like that are very important. It's all a part of the same production team. Just like the pajamas in TMP hurt the look of the film. There's a reason why Voyager-Enterprise and huge portions of TNG look so much alike, while DS9 looks so different.

I can't be the only one who around the second season of Enterprise who just said, "Oh God...just let it die." It had nothing to do with continuity. It's not like the Ferengi are so GD interesting that having to work with their continuity can hurt their appearance. And I thought what they did with the Romulans on Ent. was interesting.

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