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Re: What is "The Fall"?

^Well, I don't know if this is the case, but as I said in another thread, a publisher could be constrained from mentioning something that was part of the same timeline if they didn't have the license for the particular part of the franchise it came from -- like the way Marvel wasn't supposed to reference any TOS storylines in their post-TMP comic (though they slipped in plenty of subtle nods anyway) or the way IDW currently doesn't have a DS9, VGR, or ENT license. What fictitious "timeline" something is in doesn't matter at all to the legal departments and licensing people; all that matters is what TV or movie series they belong to, since they're treated as separate entities from a licensing standpoint.

Of course, Pocket's license has always included everything ST before, and a sister imprint is publishing Abramsverse YA novels, so again, I'm just speaking hypothetically of how it could be the case, not saying anything about whether it is. I have no clue what Pocket's plans are for dealing with 2387 and Romulus.
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