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I suppose there could always be a DTI novel that references the fact that in an alternate timeline Romulus was destroyed.
If that happened, that would totally spoil Star Trek. I'm sorry, but it happened in the prime universe. Not some alternate universe. So the books should be depicting the destruction of Romulus. While Pocket's main Trek line is not allowed to play in the alternate universe, this is not an event that took place in some alternate universe. The books don't have to pander to Countdown. But Romulus getting destroyed is something that has to happen.
Indeed. I'm fine with alternate continuites etc. but one of my favourite things about Trek tie-ins is how they keep having to adapt to fit the TV/film continuity. Whether it's DC comics' big reset in "The Doomsday Bug" to set up The Voyage Home, or the more subtle things like early post-DS9 Andorians finding the station uncomfortably cold having to be fudged when Enterprise visited Andoria, which they envisioned as an icy moon, it's an element of Trek that fascinates me.

I'd survive if the 2387 supernova was only vaguely alluded to in passing (which is what I suspect will happen), but I would be annoyed if the novelverse ignored events of the movie althogether (which is unlikely since they've already included several easter egg references to it)
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