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Re: NFL 2012 - Drive to Glory

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And hopefully that puts an end to the Lovie Smith era in Chicago.
I'm still not convinced that Lovie is the problem -- he's a hell of a coach and the team always plays hard. It's just hard to run any sort of an offense when your offensive line is nonexistent, and when there's barely any work done to bolster a rapidly aging defense, that hurts, too.

Emery needs to put his foot down and order Lovie to hire a legitimate offensive coordinator (pro tip: promote Jeremy Bates). Emery also needs to DRAFT SOME FUCKING OFFENSIVE LINEMEN JESUS FUCKING CHRIST YOU COCK-JUGGLING HOSEBAG.
Lovie always comes off as single-minded with the "come off the bus running", yet the Bears either ignore or abandon it pretty quickly.

Also, Lovie has to have some (or a lot) of input in the draft, no? Yet they drafted a whole bunch of defensive players this year, and Lovie is a defense minded guy.

True, the multiple injuries aren't his fault, but other teams manage to get by with a lot of injuries and that's down to great coaching.

Lovie is a great guy and a great defensive mind (when he's not stuck in cover-2 mode all the time), but I've never felt like he was a great head coach.

Most great head coaches were mediocre defensive or offensive coaches, or players for that matter, which I think prevents them from getting too much into one mode or the other as a head coach.

The same way the best baseball managers were OK players not great players.

I always though Ditka was a great head coach, before he lost his mind. He just had a way of motivating players and allowed his assistant coaches to do their job.

But then, Buddy Ryan turned around and sucked as a head coach.
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