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Re: Star Trek/Lost In Space: Any Difference?

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In Star Trek, the drama usually hinges on some difficult decision that Kirk has to make. In Lost in Space, the drama usually hinges on some stupid, immoral scheme Dr. Smith gets himself into. Or in the case of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, the drama hinges on crawling through a tunnel to turn a wrench.

I don't see how you can put these two shows in the same league. Irwin Allen's props were great, no question, but his story department sucked zienite gas!

Let's face it, both shows were created for two reasons: 1) NASA's space program and 2) color television. At the time, the Cold War had manifested as a space race between the U.S.S.R. and the U.S. of A., but LIS and ST were just a sideshow. But with time, the situation has reversed. In the past 30 years, how many fan conventions have been held to celebrate the Apollo program vs Star Trek conventions? One vs 500? But I digress.

Trek did so many things LIS did not. It explored the nature of consciousness. It probed dystopic societies, language euphemisms, the role of women in a military setting, and it even explored religious, political, and social issues with its use of earth-like planets. Trek explored suicide, sacrifice, immortality, mental illness, and those old Cold War favorites, brainwashing and mind control.

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The comparison I made consisted more of the irony of some similarities in spite of the intended, and inevitable differences.

The problem in my opinion is that ST focused far too much on religious and dystopic themes. That far too common scenario of saving a race bound by religious superstition, where the inhabitants mistook a non-deity for a god. I'm not a huge sci-fi buff, but it seems to me that some of the most interesting sci-fi stories don't end up on TV or the movies.

I think a good reason for this is that stories written on paper/put into print do not have the restrictions that a motion picture/TV studio has (money budget, special effects), so these earthly themes may very well be made more out of convenience than actual imagination. While saving an alien race from Nazism is certainly a worthwhile cause, I wouldn't call it unique.
I don't remember TOS 'saving a race bound by superstition'. On the contrary, in "Bread and Circuses"...they get all glowey and warm when they find out that the aliens have been talking about Christ the whole time.

In The Paradise Syndrome, they don't seem to make any effort to correct the aliens.

Ahhh..I just remembered Return of the Archons. That one is more sci-fi and seems to be a Communism analogy.

There is The Apple. Which I admit is a flat-out blasting away of the Prime Directive.
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