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^ If Countdown (the comic) can show Romulus' destruction, why can't the novels do it?
I'm sure the fact that Orci co-developed the storyline to Countdown helped out IDW in that regard.

As for novels, the destruction of Romulus will have to be acknowledged when they get to 2387, even if it is just some off-hand reference to "the recent destruction of Romulus." In fact, that could very well be the most the opic will be covered.
The Powers That Be may well want to avoid contradicting the various tie-in comics and instead focus on the scene away from the events directly depicted. The evacuation of Vulcan, chaos elsewhere in Romulan space, and like affairs may be shown.

I cannot remember an evacuation of Vulcan in the tie-in material? Really all that needs to be mentioned is that the planet went boom! The reasons why can stay unknown.
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