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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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Good Trek movies have never been about sci-fi ideas.
Revenge is such a scifi concept. Also whatever Voyage Home was about, saving whales and trying to seduce the mom from 7th Heaven.
Hah! We're obviously coming at this from completely opposite directions. The Voyage Home is a marvelously entertaining, feel-good movie that appeals to everyone, fans and non-fans alike. I get sucked into it every time I stumble onto it on TV.

It's easily my second-favorite Trek film after Khan . . . which was, of course, all about revenge.
I tend to count II, III & IV, as one movie when ranking. I know they're not, but the trilogy aspect of the story works really well.

You could strip all the reboot nonsense off ST'09 and it'd pass for a TNG or TOS movie. I guarantee had they done the same script with the classic crew (kind of hard, with Doohan and Kelly being dead, just saying) or the TNG cast--even DS9 or Voyager--people would have fallen all over themselves praising it.

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Not by any stretch of the imagination. Furthermore, it seems as if "fans" can rationalize anything, even if its just a faint resemblance to what its supposed to be. The only thing that keeps me happy about the whole thing is quantum mechanics, and the idea that the original timeline still exists in another universe. If you don't know what verterium cortenide is, then your opinion of the matter is moot IMNTHO.
Dude, I've probably watched the movies, the tv shows, and read the tech manuals more times than a man with an active sex life should be willing to admit to, and even I had to look that one up.
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