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Re: Jack Reacher yes,no, maybe so

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I went & saw the movie before work the other day. It wasn't great, but it was entertainin', which is the point of goin' to see a movie.

Tom Cruise does what he does, of course, and its kind of obvious he's hopin' this will be a new franchise for him, but I'd rather see more Mission: Impossible movies.

And while I haven't read the books, I did pick up One Shot this mornin' while shoppin', complete with Tom Cruise's face on the cover. People bitchin' about that are doin' it just to bitch - it happens with every based on a book movie that the book gets re-released with a new cover that ties in with the movie. LotR, Twilight, Hobbit, John Grisham, Stephen King, Tom Clancy....get over it already.
Out of curiousity - why do you go to the effort of typing "in'" at the end of every verb? Wouldn't it be just as easy to write "ing"?
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