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Re: The dying art of movie posters and book covers

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Read this rather depressing article on recent movie posters.

Anyone remember the days where movie posters were creative works of art? Just take the posters of Drew Struzan (Indiana Jones, Back to the Future, etc...)

Book covers suffer from the same thing. They look terrible, like 5 minute jobs in Photoshop with quickly copied and pasted stock photos, when years ago they were fondly composited and painted.

Just what's going on there?
Well.. Struzan wasn't always original with his posters too.. taking the lead actors and just painting them from a scene of the movie isn't as genius as some would think.

Throughout all periods there was quality and garbage.. the posters mentioned of recent Hollywood pics are standard, non imaginative ones which do happen but there still are ones that break the mold.

For whatever someone might think of the Phantom Menace i liked this one really much which encapsulates the entire tragedy of a small boy who's fate it is to turn to a very evil man:

Just because some marketing departments are lazy doesn't mean the entire business is.
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