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Re: Star Trek/Lost In Space: Any Difference?

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Let's face it, both shows were created for two reasons: 1) NASA's space program and 2) color television.
Actually the first season of LiS was in black & white -- and it's generally considered to be better-looking than the more garish color seasons.

But yeah, there's just no comparison. The two shows were made for entirely different audiences. LiS was continuing the longstanding trend of aiming SFTV series with permanent casts at young viewers. Star Trek was the first non-anthology SF series to be designed as an adult-oriented drama. The touchstones that Roddenberry used in telling writers how to approach the show were the classy adult dramas of the era like Wagon Train, Naked City, and Gunsmoke. Allen was going for kid-friendly action-adventure and the lowest common denominator; Roddenberry was trying to elevate SFTV to a new level of sophistication and quality, to show that it could be approached with the same maturity and naturalism as any other genre.
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