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Re: Facepalm worthy test footage from Warner Bros.

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Always hated Hong Kong Phooey. Nothing here to change that...
A world in which HKP gets a live-action adaptation but Prydain and The Golden Compass* don't = a cruel and unjust world.

* (I'm talking the whole book here, ending and all.)

Pullman's trilogy is usually referred to as "His Dark Materials" - the name being taken from "Paradise Lost" by John Milton. In the UK, "The Golden Compass" is titled "Northern Lights", although the US title is possibly superior from a marketing point of view. However, "golden compass" did not refer to the alethiometer, but to the dividers that God supposedly used during the creation of the world (also derived from a quotation from Milton). The film adaptation of the first book appeared to have been butchered by the studio execs. There's always the full-cast audiobook adaptation. One just needs to supply the imagery oneself.

I hadn't read the "Prydain" books or seen The Black Cauldron, but IIRC it's based on the "Mabinogion" (Prydain is the Welsh name for Britain). Sounds interesting, although it's primarily aimed at children. Disney still hold the movie rights I understand.

I'll add the "Earthsea" novels by Ursula Le Guin to the list. The TV adaptation and anime were both pretty poor.
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