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Re: Should Neelix/Kes have stayed together?

Lady, I don't want to be your damn fluffer.

Do I?

The Admiral knew the only way to get her younger self to do anything, is to attempt to force that tyke to do the exact opposite of what she is actually required to do to win out the day.

Why else would anyone as obstinate as Kathryn Janeway cast off her masterplan at the fist sign of obstacle and difficulty?

Seriously, half way through the episode we're supposed to believe that the Admiral makes a one 80 turn because some parrot in control of an outdated, antiquated and obsolete version of her ego and cunning, summons transparent arguments she had already considered months ago would rear up, and how to counter those arguments immediately and with prejudice, outwits her?

That's ridiculous.

(Unless there was some dementia or temporal aphasia.)

Bait and switch.

It's how she planned to marry Chakotay this time around before Seven could get her ducks in a row.
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